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♡ This fluffy cow loves to roam the meadow with her friends! ♡


♡ Hard enamel pin - Rose Gold plated

♡ Width -  1 inches 

♡ Screen printed blush detail

♡ "ivy" stamped on the back

♡ One post - one white rubber clutch for maximum comfort!

Though we do quality check all of our pins, they are handmade and few are without a single imperfection.
The product pictures provided are a great indicator of the pin quality you will receive, but your pin may contain a small flaw, such as:

♡ slightly uneven enamel filling
♡ scuffs/nicks on the enamel or metal
♡ small specks in enamel
♡imperfect metal plating

We can assure you that any of these imperfections are normal and are only noticeable when scrutinizing the pin. 


These pins are perfect for Cottagecore babes, fairies, and anyone who loves the idea of curling up in woodland cottage with a good book! We love the cozy vibes of the cottagecore aesthetic and we hope to capture that feeling in our pin collection.

Butterscotch - Cottagecore Enamel Pin

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