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The perfect display for your earrings! Holds one pair of earrings, up to ~4" long.

DIMENSIONS: 5.3" tall x 4 " wide. Acrylic is 1/8" thick.


*NOTE* Due to the nature of cast acrylic (thickness of the acrylic varies) the display may need to be secured with adhesive- you can use a dab of glue, resin, etc to fix the pieces together.


Choose your acrylic color!



Please fill out the custom text box and let me know what text you would like engraved and what color you would like the engraving to be painted (if any).

I will send back an email with the final design to confirm before cutting & shipping your earring display! :)

If you want a specific image or logo engraved, contact me via my website and we can discuss!

Custom Earring Display

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